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After "Let The Kids Play," I was given the keys to run with MLB's brand spots. Here are a few of my favorites. 

MLB Brand Spots

We Play Loud - 2019 Postseason

Brief: Get fans to realize that the youth movement is ushering in a new golden age.  

The Idea: Pick a fight with the past. 

(Feat. "Limonada Coco" by Musiciologo and Lapiz Conciente) 

Welcome Back - Opening Day (Kind of...) 2020

Brief: Remember the campaign we shot back before COVID? It doesn't work now. But we can't shoot anything new. Somehow capture the excitement that baseball is the very first sport back after the pandemic. 

The Idea: Catch a vibe. Make it work. 

(Feat. "Welcome Back" by Ma$e)

The Remix - Postseason 2020

Brief: We only played 60 games, the rules were different, and all the stands were empty. But we made it to the postseason! Just get people excited!

The Idea: It wasn't a normal season. But it also kind of... worked? It's a remix! 

(Feat. narration by DJ Khaled, "Mic Drop Remix" by BTS and Steve Aoki, and illustrations by Mike Perry)

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