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Brief: Opening Day is one of the few times that fans watch the games of teams other than their own. Create a way for fans to celebrate Opening Day together. 

The Idea: Coachella meets baseball, on Twitch! 

MLB Major Fest

We relaunched MLB's Twitch channel on Opening Day 2021 with Major Fest: A first-of-its-kind all-day streaming event. 

Major Fest_Infographic.jpg
Desus & Mero IG Join The Stream.png

We roped in more than 20 guests, celebs, and influencers from across the music, gaming, fashion, and baseball worlds to talk pop-culture and pop flies. 

Some people noticed...

Screen Shot 2022-01-04 at 2.43.53 PM.png
MF Home.gif

We landed on the Twitch homepage and pulled in 275k streamers who watched 1.75M minutes of content. 

It was the single most successful day on MLB's Twitch channel by every possible metric.  


Hope you'll join us next opening day! 

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